Goals ore simply what your character wishes to complete at the party. All goals will be numbered five to twenty five in increments of five. This numbered indicate how many points the goal is worth and how important it is to your character or to the defeat of the doppelgangers. Most of your goals should be given to you with your character background but some goals may change and new ones may come into play. Sometimes a certain goals will become impossible to complete do to a character dieing or a item being destroyed. At times like this it’s best to moveon to different goal but still inform one of your hosts it may start a new goal. Afterall revenge is a great goal. With that said you should inform one of the hosts whenever you complete a goal just to make sure that goal is over or if it starts a new one.
Goals ore divided into five different types. Basic Goals=BG, Follow-Up Goals=FG, Timed Goals=TG, End Goals=ED and Doppelganger Goals=DG. Every goal will have one of this initials to indicate which one it is. If you aren’t sure which one it is ask one of the hosts.

BG. This goal has no further attachments to it. All you have to do to claim this goal as complete is finesh the objective.

FG. This goal can only be completed after the named BG or TG has been completed first. Some FG will only be revealed after you completed or fail to complete a goal. So don’t forget to till one of your hosts when it happins.

TG. This goal functions just like a BG accept that this goal will be given an act to be completed by. If you have not completed the goal by the end of the stated act the goal has failed.

EG.This goal can only be completed at the end of the game. Even if you meet the objective at one point in the game it will not count unless you still meet the objective at the end of the game.

DG. This goal function differently than other goals. It gives negative points instead of positive ones and our only worth five point each. Onesta doppelganger all your goals become DG. Thay function the same way based on their type BG, FG, TG, or EG but our only worth negative five points each.


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