They Came From Planet Doppel

Is a murder mystery party with a few changes. Replacing the normal whodunit with a sci-fi horror who is it twist. The game takes place at a party where the guests and the host ore in for more than they bargained for. Will the characters rise to the challenge or be crushed by the alien invaders. The fate of the earth is in their hands.


The theme of the game is a cheese 60’s science fiction horror movie. The game takes place in the moon race array of the 60’s prior to the JFK assassination. Yes the golden age before the internet, cell phones, video games and even computers that weren’t the size of a small house. How did this poor people survive.


Although the theme may be cheese the mood is certainly not. The mood is simply put paranoia. Being stuck at a party with no way out is annoying at must. But throw in some aliens hellbent on killing you and replacing you with one of their own is terrifying. Do you trust your childhood friend who’s been acting funny lately and leave with him or do you stay in the room with your worst enemy who has a knife and a motive to us it on you but you’ve been keeping an eye on him all night for that same reason so he couldn’t be one of the aliens and besides is killing someone for sleeping with their wife really a smart move at a time lick this. (Sorry for the long sentence.) Not being able to trust people you normally wood is kineda a scary thought before you add in the reason you can’t trust theme is because they may be a alien in disguise.

They Came From Planet Doppel